TSAASF June Meeting

Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Pivots - The Best Technique You Probably Aren't Using Yet

June 11th 10AM-12

Room 3214, Golden Gate Univ.

Speaker: Jonathan Ravel

Did you know the key stock index low of 2016 on 2/11-12 was bang on yearly support levels for the Dow, Russell, oil and high yield bonds? And that the high of the year this far in TLT was directly on a major pivot cluster as well? The list goes on. This talk will explain a less common technical tool and will discuss its usefulness in all components of a successful trade: entry, management, and exit. We will look at short, medium and long term market examples so the talk will be of interest to all traders and investors. Learn about the surprising simplicity and effectiveness of pivots for more effective market analysis and profitable positions.

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Jonathan Ravel has been a market strategist and hedge fund consultant for ten years. He lives in San Francisco and has given Pivot Previews at the last two TSAA Round Ups. Check his website for daily SPY commentary, other blog posts and featured calls at www.thepivotalperspective.com.

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