SVOG June Meeting

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: All meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at the Elks Lodge, 375 N Pastoria, Sunnyvale, CA (



Options My Way -- Terry Walters

“Retired couple seeks income.  Not happy with financial advisors.  Have capital to invest plus time and inclination to manage it.”


There is a lot said about preparing for retirement but very little about being retired. Terry Walters, our June speaker, is not an advisor. He isn’t trying to sell you anything. He doesn’t have a monthly newsletter for you to subscribe to. What he can and will tell you is what he is doing to solve the “being retired” problem.

“Options My Way” is a detailed presentation on how he deploys capital, uses options for income investments, manages and hedges his portfolio, and how he measures his results. Will this work for you? Terry doesn’t know. He can’t tell you what to do. But, he’s happy to tell you what he does. And he assures us we will have some fun in the process.

About our Speaker

Terry Walters has spent his entire working life in Silicon Valley. He started going to the Homebrew Computer Club and has been through startups and bankrupts for thirty-five years.  A few years ago he decided to stop work and manage my own funds. “I realized that while I have degrees in engineering, I had no degree in investment management.” So, he enrolled in all of the Investools courses and The Motley Fool Pro tutoring. He attends the Money Shows, Trader’s Expos, and investor conferences. He watches Tastytrade. He reads books on fundamental investing, stock options, hedge fund management, portfolio management, etc. As a result, trading has been his source of income for the last five years.



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