SFBAOG Meeting

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm


San Francisco Bay Area Options Group monthly meeting. 

Location:  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco (Room C205)

Subject:  Squeeze Into Your Shorts by Eversley Forte

This presentation is perfect for relatively new traders, and even experienced traders, looking for 100% objective trading methods which are easy to understand and implement.  It includes options on ETFs, and Forex pairs on daily charts (no day trading). 

Eversley will feature the “Squeeze Indicator” on Weekly charts showing how the Weekly Squeeze can be used to produce very high probability shorting opportunities in the various market sectors.  He will also cover the related trade management for options on ETFs using the daily charts to trade the weekly signals.  In addition he will include his criteria for buying Puts (no complex spreads), and reversals using Calls.

Eversley will also review the Squeeze as a Forex Setup and go through the risk management criteria which make it excellent for short trades in Forex pairs on daily charts.  Even if you are totally new to Forex, you will be able to follow the presentation and explore possible new trading opportunities to complement option trading

Eversley Forte Bio:

In 2009, Eversley transitioned from being a Senior Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin to being a full time trader (“full time trader” for him means spending less than 1 hour per day on his trading).  Eversley is now a pure directional rules-based system trader.  He only buys Calls and Puts (no spreads), and he swing trades Forex on daily charts per defined criteria.  With lots of free time, he teaches Kickboxing classes, trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Parcour, mentors up-and-coming traders, and is active in city government as a Commissioner in the City of Santa Clara.

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San Francisco Bay Area Options Group
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