September SVOG Meeting

Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: This meeting will be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Zoom credentials will be included in the announcement email.



You Made It, Now Keep It - Profit Taking Strategies for Today's Markets

Does this sound familiar?  You picked the right stock, made a bunch of money only to see it disappear, and more.  How did those crooked market makers pick your pocket?   You earned it, now learn how to keep it.  

In this session, we are continuing our group discussions about trading and elements used in building a plan.  In the last few meetings. we discussed ways to identify potential trade candidates and triggers.  In this meeting, we will discuss various techniques you can use to keep the profits you've made and not give it all back.  Learn why you let profits evaporate and what you can do about it.  

In this meeting, we will also start off with a brief look at the markets.  SVOG's focus is on creating an environment for traders helping each other become better traders.  Toward this mission, we will be allocating more time for discussions so bring your trading questions and share your experiences and expertise in our open forum segment.

This meeting is free but please consider making a donation to help SVOG continue to offer these educational events.  A donation of $10 is much appreciated.



Dennis Wong is an active trader that started learning to trade options in order to generate income and provide an activity for when he retired.  Over the next 15+ years of trading, Dennis has traded most option strategies with a preference for butterflies.  As he honed his technical analysis skills (and with the long bull market), he moved to more directional trading using long options and synthetics.  Dennis finally retired as a Fortune 500 corporate strategist, researcher, and engineer and has been trading full-time.


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