June SVOG Meeting

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: This meeting will be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Registration will be required.

This meeting content has been rescheduled to July 8, 2021.



The Mental Side of Successful Trading

Andrea Wylan, a business and trading coach, as well as a trader herself, will speak on the value of mastering your mindset in the pursuit of financial success.  If your trading isn't consistently profitable, then this presentation is for you.

You'll learn why your mindset is key for trading. Most traders focus their efforts on finding a winning strategy, and yet if they have one, may lack the discipline to follow it. Andrea helps traders focus on the root cause of their trading challenges to get to the bottom if it. Are your emotions taking you over as  you trade? This is common, and of course detrimental to success.  Andrea will outline actions to take to increase discipline and raise your odds for success. She’ll provide a simple, six step formula, to help you build the foundation for profitable trading.

In the 2nd part of her talk, Andrea will walk us through a sample trading plan that you can customize and use to help organize your trading. She will introduce you to the plan and explain how to work with it; you can then flesh it out and customize it over time.

As an added bonus, Andrea will guide us through a simple exercise for shifting your mindset. This is actually a tool she uses in sessions when working with clients. It is a powerful way to start to experience for yourself the impact of the mindset. For most, it will be a new experience and eye opening. 



Andrea Wylan

Andrea Wylan holds a Master’s degree in Public Health in the area of Health Promotion from San Diego State. She received her training as a coach through The Coaches Training Institute, one of the most respected coaching schools. Andrea is also certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.

Andrea notes that if you have traded stocks (futures, options, Forex, etc.) for any amount of time, if you are like 95% of traders out there, you have likely experienced challenges. Possibly you’ve come to realize that fear, greed, lack of discipline, confidence, and patience are utmost of importance in trading success. Many traders search for the holy grail, often for years, only to be disappointed.

She believes there is a holy grail in trading, but it isn’t what you think! It is your mind. How well do you work with your own mind? Your psychology is your key for successful trading (assuming you have a decent trading system and platform). She works with traders to help them get to the core of what is driving them psychologically as they trade. When this is uncovered it can be addressed, and the control it has over one is diminished creating higher levels of success in the markets!

Testimonials from some of Andrea’s clients.


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